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OFSC offers both virtual and in-person test sessions throughout the year.

Skaters may also test away from the club and must provide a Permission to Test form to participate.


Request a Permission to Test Form HERE.

Click on the date below to register for the upcoming test session:

023 Ozark Figure Skating Club Test Session Dates

Click Here to sign up for the current test session


Registration for all tests is due no later than two weeks prior to the test session occurring. Non- Ozark Figure Skating Club members are welcome to submit tests, however, they will pay a non-member fee. All registrations are done through Entryeze.


In-Person Testing

The only thing required for OFSC members to participate in in-person testing is an Entryeeze registration. Non-members are required to supply permission to test forms completed by their home club.


Virtual Testing

Four things are required to participate in virtual testing: a video, a Signed Affidavit, a signed Video Release, and an Entryeeze registration. Non-members are required to supply permission to test forms completed by their home club.


Test Video Requirements

A video of the test following US Figure Skating guidelines must be taken and submitted by the Test Session Date. The submission deadline set by the test chair is the date of the test session. Videos must have been recorded within 14 days of the submission deadline.

TIPS/Requirements for test videos:

  • Per USFS guidelines only 8 other skaters can be on the ice at the same time as the skater. Videos with more than 8 skaters will be rejected by the judges.

  • Consider filming during a time when the ice is less congested such as early morning freestyle sessions.

  • The video MUST be recorded in LANDSCAPE mode, not in portrait (turn the phone horizontally for a wide view)  and must be high quality (at least 720p) with the skater framed head to toe for the entire test.

  • The video must be taken from the position of the judges stand (as if an in-person test session)

US Figure Skating guidelines for filming can be found here and you are encouraged to review this. Any videos submitted that are rejected by the judges will not result in a reimbursement of test fees. 

Signed Affidavit and Video Release

We require two documents to be turned in with the video of the test. Please note that the skater must sign both documents. The proctor does not need to be a US Figure skating member but does need to adhere to all the guidelines set forth in the rule book. Links to the affidavit and video release are found below.


Video Release


EntryEeze Registration

Skaters need to register and pay for the test through our Entryeeze page HERE. Members of the Ozark Figure Skating Club need to log in to register for the session. Non-members will register through the blue non-member box at the top of the page. Keep in mind that non-members will be required to submit a permission to test form from their club. It can either be uploaded to Entryeeze or emailed to the Test Chair. 


Submitting the Video and Paperwork

Skaters will submit their videos and paperwork via Entryeeze. The Affidavit and Video Release must be in a single document to upload to Entryeeze. Instructions on how to do that can be found here.

Got questions? Reach out to our Event Director & Test Chair, Rachel Eikenberry, at

Testing Structure Updates for 2023-2024

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Información de pruebas OFSC

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