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Costs associated with competing

Some of the additional costs of competing, other than your/your skater's dress or shirt and skating pants, figure skates, props, tights, and lessons (We know this isn't a relatively money-saving sport) There are additional costs that you need to be aware of. 

Competing in figure skating is not cheap, as there are a number of additional costs that you need to be aware of other than the basic expenses. These costs may include various fees such as competition entry fees, travel expenses, accommodation, meals, and coaching fees. It is important to keep these additional expenses in mind and plan accordingly to avoid any financial surprises. 

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Fees that you may incur for figure skating that are stationary for away competitions may include but are not limited to Hotel accommodations, gas, and food for you and your skater, as well as your coach. Most coaches use the formula for away competition: Their flat rate fee for competitions per event per individual skater + hotel accommodations + gas + food = total cost. That number is divided by the number of skaters, and each skater will receive a bill for away competitions. Coaches will typically charge their competition fee per event per skater for home competitions. 

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Regarding each competition, there are fees that include entry fees in addition to first event fees, second event fees, and additional event fees. There is no standard cost that each competition is the same, as they vary from competition to competition. The more events your skater participates in, the higher the cost will be per competition. In addition to the events, it is recommended that you/your skater have as many practice ice sessions as events that they participate in during competition. For home competition please communicate with your coach to inquire the number of practice ice sessions that you/your skater needs. 

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