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jenniferholliman@yahoo.com/Phone: 479-841-6501



Professional Ratings: PSA Registered Ratings in Free Skate, Moves in the Field and Group

Jennifer began skating when she was 8 years old and has been coaching for 20 years. She is dedicated to helping skaters develop a lifelong love of figure skating through strong technical and artistic skills, which produce a confident, well rounded skater.



Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Major: Communication, Minor: Theater

Figure Skating Memberships and Affiliations: Member of Professional Skaters Association (PSA), Member of US Figure Skating and Ozark Figure Skating Club

Professional Certifications: PSA Certified Rating in Choreography, PSA Registered Rating in Group, Senior Sports Science Certification

Annacaye was a competitive figure skater for The Jones Center for ten years. She has tested through Novice Moves in the Field and Free Skate with a current goal to finish all her moves and becoming a Gold Medalist skater. Through college she taught dance classes including ballet, lyrical, jazz and hip hop. Her love for performance drew her to the stage and she became a principal dancer for a show in Branson, MO. Annacaye has a passion for movement and performance on and off the ice. This is driving her to become the first Master Rated Choreographer in Arkansas. She loves working with all levels of skaters and hopes to share the joy of the sport with all willing to learn.

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Professional Ratings: PSA Registered Rating in Moves in the Field

Chelsea started skating in group lessons at The Jones Center 13 years ago. She then went on to take private lessons and started competing at various competitions across the country. She has a true love and passion for the sport of figure skating. She started teaching group classes when she was 16 years old. During her freshman year of college, she started coaching private lessons in Springfield, Missouri. She loves working with skaters of all ages and levels. As a coach, her focus is on developing a balanced athlete and instilling a love of figure skating in all of her skaters.

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caryandearing@cox.net/ 480-446-4258


CaryAn has been with the Jones center coaching team since 2017.  She joined our coaching team with over 15 years of coaching experience. She has worked with skaters of all levels and has a passion for artistry, edges and the technical aspects of skating. In addition to her coaching experience, CaryAn toured with Ice Capades for 2 years.


She is returning to the ice after a successful corporate career, with a renewed excitement to share her love of skating and ability to develop confident, successful athletes.



Hailey started taking lessons at the age of 8 years old in her home town, Knoxville, Tennessee. Having passed her Senior moves in the field, she is considered a gold medalist of that discipline with the US Figure Skating Association. Her love for the sport led her to coaching both private, and group lessons in 2015. After moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas to attend the University of Arkansas, Hailey graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology in May 2018. Hailey is eager to share her passion for the sport of skating with athletes of all ages, levels and disciplines, including freestyle, hockey, moves in the field and ice dance.




Emma has over 10 years of competitive figure skating experience. She began skating at the age of three and immediately fell in love with the sport. Since then, she has competed in many competitions across the United States. As a coach, she strives to teach athletes of all ages the gift of the sport as well as emphasizing the value of working toward goals. Emma’s most recent achievement in skating is passing both her Intermediate Moves in the Field Test and her Juvenile Freeskate test. She is currently working on her Novice Moves in the Field Test and Intermediate Freeskate test. She hopes to achieve both in 2019. Emma specializes in Learn to Skate USA, jumps, spins an overall skating performance. She hopes to instill a love of being on the ice in every one of her skaters.

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Ashley is a student at the University of Arkansas with a major in finance and real estate and a minor in marketing.

Ashley is a member of the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA) and member of Professional Skaters Association (PSA) and Ozark Figure Skating Club

Ashley began her first group figure skating lessons in January 2006, after being inspired by the Winter Olympics and the movie Ice Princess. After one lesson, she had fallen in love. By the end of the Winter session, Ashley decided to focus all her passion on figure skating.  Ashley is from Fort Worth, Texas and has competed for both the Dallas Figure Skating Club and the Stars Figure Skating Club. She was a two time Southwestern Regional Top 10 finalist, Intermediate level. She is a USFSA Double Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and Freeskate. She has completed her Pre-Silver level Dance tests and received the Dallas FSC “Most Tests Passed 2008” award. Ashley has been trained by coaches who were former Olympic medalists, competitors and choreographers. Ashley started coaching lessons in high school for the Dallas Stars Enterprise. Ashley is still in love with figure skating and is passionate to help other skaters develop their skills and fulfill their skating dreams.



Figure Skating Memberships and Affiliations: Professional Skaters Association, US Figure Skating Association, Ozark Figure Skating Club, Learn to Skate USA.

Lauren began skating at the age of 10 and has been competing and testing moves in the field and freeskate with US Figure Skating since then. She is attending the University of Arkansas studying Kinesiology  and is planning to obtain her doctorate in Physical Therapy.  She will continue to coach while in college and continue to compete and test.  As a coach, Lauren loves working with skaters of all levels and ages and enjoys helping skaters achieve their goals.

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robinaprea@jonesnet.org/479-756-8090 ext 2302


Professional Ratings: PSA Registered Ratings in Free Skate, Moves in the Field and Program Director, PSA Certified Rating in Group


Robin has over 35 years of skating experience, including 15 years of personal competitive experience and 20 years of coaching experience. As a competitive skater, Robin tested through US Figure Skating Novice Free Skate Test and Fifth Figure Test. As a coach, she has coached skaters through Junior Freeskate and Senior Moves in the Field. Robin serves as The Jones Center’s Skating Coordinator and consults on ice when requested by coaches. Robin specializes in freestyle, moves in the field and choreography. Robin is dedicated to supporting all of her coaching team in building strong skating foundations in all aspects of skating to develop a successful, well rounded, polished skaters at The Jones Center.


Board of Directors

President - Erin Appeldorn

Vice President - Jennifer Cuchia

Secretary - Kathleen Villar

Treasurer - Candace Mettenburg

Membership Director - Shelley Lumpkin

Fundraising Director - 

Public Relations Director - Robin Aprea

Test Chair - Robin Roitz

Safe Sport Chair - Robin Roitz

Social Committee Chair - Karie Ewin -Day

The OFSC board of directors meets on the second Thursday of each month. We have quarterly meetings open to all club members. The minutes of the meetings are available upon request. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at OzarkFigureSkatingClub@gmail.com.


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