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frequently asked questions


If you are new to skating, or are the parent of a skater, you probably have a lot of questions.  We have included a few links on this page to help you navigate our club and the world of figure skating.  Click on the underlined portion to see the information. You can also ask your skater's coach and fellow parents.

  • Ozark Figure Skating Club has a Facebook page and an Instagram account.
  • Our club has a Facebook consignment page with items for sale. You can also find lots of other Facebook consignment pages with items for sale and Ebay is also a great place to shop.  Never purchase skates without first speaking with your coach.  Not all skates are appropriate for figure skating.

  • The U.S. Figure Skating has an enormous amount of information on this site, but it can be overwhelming if you aren't sure exactly what you're looking for.  We have included several links below U.S. Figure Skating that we thought would be helpful for our skaters and parents.  Let us know if you have any questions.

  • Are you a new skater? Click here to learn all about Learn to Skate USA, a program offered by U.S. Figure Skating for skaters of all ages.

  • U.S. Figure Skating Testing Structure This document will help you understand the testing and competition process with US Figure Skating

  • If your coach mentions specific elements that your skater is working on, you can usually search YouTube to see a video.  It is a great source to help parents learn about what your child is doing on the ice!




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