Ozark Figure Skating Club Membership

The Ozark Figure Skating Club was formed in 1997 by a group of enthusiastic skaters interested in promoting figure skating of all levels in Northwest Arkansas. In 1999, OFSC became a full member of US Figure Skating. The club is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Our goals are to improve, advance and encourage the instruction, training and development of the individual in all forms of figure skating.  When you join OFSC, you can participate in shows, instructional seminars and social events hosted by the club. You will also be able to test at U.S. Figure Skating sponsored test sessions and compete at U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events. Ozark Figure Skating Club's primary rink is the The Joel Carver Ice Arena at the The Jones Center in Springdale, Ark.  The center is the creation of Bernice Jones, who dreamed of a place where families and groups from throughout the region could come together to do those things which make this community a better place to live. Ozark Figure Skating Club supports this dream by offering a program that focuses on both athleticism and artistry. We contribute to the community by presenting an annual Christmas show and sponsoring an annual "It's Great to Skate" event.


1.  Please click here then follow the steps below

2.  Click  "Apply for Membership" under new membership.

3.  Create a new family account

4.  Sign up for the introductory membership for your skater and the parent membership for
     yourself . There will be no charge for your parent membership, it is included and required if your
     child is under age 18.

5.  After you pay for your membership, you will receive an email from the club with a form that will
     need to be completed and signed. Your membership will not be complete until we receive the
      completed, signed forms. 

6.  After we receive the forms and online payment, you will receive an email with your USFS
     membership number.

If you have any questions please email cgfoster37@gmail.com

Renewing Members

1.  If you do not know which membership to renew, please click here.

2.  click here then click  "Access My Account" under existing members.  If you forgot your
     password, you can follow the prompts to retrieve it. 

3.  Use your EMAIL AND PASSWORD, not your USFS number and PIN.   

4.  If your skater is under age 18, you will have to sign up for a parent membership.  There is no
     charge for this and is required if your child is under age 18.

5.  After you pay for your membership, please submit the skater and parent signature forms. If you
     selected that your current papers on file are up to date, you will not have to turn in signature

​If you have questions, or email cgfoster37@gmail.com

Hour Entry

  1. Please note, the Membership Director will enter all hours for which an electronic volunteer signup is used. Families are expected to volunteer 10 hours per year

  2. Your family will receive a membership credit in the amount of $2.50 per hour up to $25 for volunteering

  3. To view your hours, click here, then follow the steps below

  4. Click "access my account" at the top left of the page

  5. Login with your EMAIL and PASSWORD- not your USFS number and PIN. USFS number and PIN are ONLY used for competitions and testing registrations

  6. Click the Volunteer tab (middle top of page)

  7. Click "my volunteer hours"

  8. Click the ADULT'S NAME in blue found on the left side of the screen. All volunteer hours will be listed under the adult of the family if the skater is under 18.